We had a short show this week due to us having to run the showcases for the Ventura County Music Awards, but we managed to get Hulk Hogan in studio to give us a run down of what life has been like for him recently. There has been some controversy with Hulk Hogan lately and the media has been eating it up. He gives us a raw interview of how he really feels about the words he chooses to use in public, and also his attitude towards the whole situation. It was a hilarious interview that had me laughing from the very beginning, and Hulk Hogan was a hoot to have in studio. Also El Chapo decided to come out from hiding to give us a call and let us know what he has been up to as well. We also randomly talked about our usual shenanigans throughout the show and of course had the World’s Greatest Segment and Goodnight Sweetheart to wrap up our shortened show for this Friday. Listen back to hear how it all went down. Enjoy! :)

RLDS 7-24-15

10 min- Tim starts the show with This week on
26 min- Weeks
50 min- El Chapo calls in
57 min- Break
76 min- Back from Break
77 min- Talk about Hulk Hogan
93 min- Hulk Hogan In studio
100 min- Break
115 min- Worlds Greatest Segment
131 min- Goodnight Sweetheart

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