Top News From the Big Three at E3 2015

I know a lot of people and places have talked about their picks and what made or broke the big 3 console studios.  Everyone is saying either Sony or Microsoft won E3 this year.  After spending a week of seeing demos, presentations, and playing the games first hand either by beta or demo of a polished product there a lot of potential from each console.  Let’s start with…


1.  Cuphead


2. Rare Replay


3.  Fable Legends


4.  New Xbox One Experince


5.  ReCore






1. Horizon Zero Dawn


2. Street Fighter V



3.  The Last Guardian


4.  Dreams


Press Briefing



1. Star Fox Zero


2.  Ryu in Super Smash Bros.


3. Super Mario Maker


4. Xenoblade Chronicles X


Press Briefing:


Overall all three have a lot to offer.  Xbox made a lot of announcements that will be happening either or during this Holiday season.  From a new controller, new interface, and backwards compatibility, plus 7 AAA titles that are Xbox exclusives.  Not to mention the exclusives from indie developers as part of ID@Xbox.  For the future they mention a few titles for 2016 on top of VR with Oculus Rift and a partnership with Valve.  Then they did a live demo of their own AR headset with Hololens which blew everyone away when they demoed Minecraft.

Sony on the other hand really didn’t have much as for games coming out this year.  The major announcements come from games either coming out holiday next year, or with promises of Final Fantasy VII and Shenmue 3 that will come out next year or some time in the future which can be years away.  What they do have for the immediate future is timed exclusive DLC or bonus exclusive digital content for third party titles.

And then there’s Nintendo, which is just doing what they want to do.  They mentioned a few surprises like Ryu coming to Super Smash Bros. and Amiibos.  Plus there’s a new Star Fox game, which is awesome.  Then they covered more on Super Mario Maker as well as Yoshi’s Woolly World, both great looking titles.  Proving once again Nintendo isn’t trying to out do the others but just announce what they need to, when they want.


So who won?  Well there’s fan boys that will tell you their side won.  Really it comes to do you want games now or do you want to invest in a console you believe to have better games in the future. Xbox has some great games coming out of the gate both this and next year with a re-master of Gears of war with Gears 4 coming next year.  Heavy hitter Halo franchise comes out with the 5th installment tis year, and Tomb Raider, plus Forza 6 and Rare Replay it seems like they covered all demographics with these titles.  If extra DLC or exclusive DLC is what you want Xbox no longer has that to most AAA Titles like Call of Duty or Assassins Creed, it’s now on the PS4.  Plus it looks like your Nintendo WiiU is good for another year since there was no announcement of a new console as least not yet.  I say the real winner will be decided this holiday what consumers want cool exclusive games or exclusive DLC with killer games coming in the future.
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